Make a Donation

If you want to be a part of building a better future for communities in East Africa, here are three great ways you can contribute to the work of Building for Education.

1. Small Change

Set up an automatic payment for $1 per week and forget about it. 100% of every dollar goes towards our building projects in East Africa. Learn more about Small Change here.
Set your $1/week AP to: Building for Education 12-3049-0124008-53

2. One time, Recurring or Specific Donations

Feel passionate about supporting one particular aspect of be*s work, or want simply want to help with a one off donation?

3. Partnership

If you are interested in partnering with be* for a more significant, ongoing or specific contribution, please  contact us at

Please Note: 

Building for Education (be*) is a NZ Government registered charity. Donations are tax deductible for NZ tax payers, so make sure you enter your email address so we can email you your receipt.