Exciting updates!

The Governor has commitment to fund up to US$50,000 towards the distribution of water to the MoiNdabi community. This means the district government will contract to local companies to dig, lay & supply the water mains.

The trench to the MoiNdabi town has been dug and 80% of the pipe has been laid.


We have just sent NZ$2,000 over for the plans to be drawn up for the school development.

To build and fit out 1 classroom costs NZ$15,000, they have 9 already and the plan is for 10 more to cater for 425 Children 6 – 14 years old, and a nursery for 80 children.

UGANDA - Kitgum-Matidi Primary school

Over the past year be* has sent about NZ$30,000 which has paid for the construction of 4 classrooms, 1 store and the levelling of the playing field. It has also paid for two teams of ploughs & oxen.

Thank you for your support!