We, the MoiNdabi people are very happy for the hope we have received through the arrival of Building for Education.
— Anthony Mwangi MoiNdabi School Founder and Community Development Board Member Naivasha, Kenya

"They have agreed to partner with our community in the challenges we are facing, and even letting others (such as St Kentigern College in Auckland) understand what we are going through. Building for Education has revived our hope, because now through their assistance we now have our Secondary School functioning. be*is now commencing assisting us with building a water project, centred in making our school sustainable, which will benefit the students and the community in its economic activities. We appreciate the way be* has worked with us in their initial extensive research, and shared with us their suggestions as we have planned together. This has built real trust amongst us concerning their personnel. Their regular visits to our community have resulted in optimism and a rising hope that people far from us in New Zealand, and other countries, are thinking about our struggle. They are willing to partner with the people of Moindabi to achieve our dream, of a stronger, better educated community."

Building for Education has done a great job partnering with us in our school in the slum of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya.
— Benard and Bentina Alusi New Adventure School Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

"The community appreciates the construction of the school that be* built for us a few years ago. Surely the 400 odd children who are now taught in the new classrooms, out of the extreme weather that they were in, are very thankful. Now their performance has greatly improved, due to the 12 new classrooms that be* constructed for us. When some of our earlier classrooms were destroyed in a huge fire that swept through our region, and all of the school’s books and learning materials were lost, we were supported by be*’s financial assistance. Some of the orphaned and vulnerable children have been able to get their high school certificates through the assistance of be*’s ongoing support. We have a great relationship with be* and their people."