Building for Education is an aid and development charity facilitating the provision of buildings and facilities for schools in East Africa. 

Building for Education funds and oversees the building of educational facilities for poor communities in East Africa. Our core projects provide buildings for schools, though where required we will also fund the provision of essential services such as water supply and sanitation for our buildings.

We partner with established education providers in East Africa to identify needs that can be met by the types of projects we deliver. Our relationships with our partners give us certainty over key developing world issues like land rights and quality of construction.

Mission Statement

To facilitate lasting change through the provision of educational facilities for poor communities in East Africa.

Projects are built around a template designed to be flexible in the right areas and set in stone in other vital areas. Final quality control and project sign-off is undertaken by a contracted independent party in each territory to avoid corruption and to ensure that be* projects meet the highest standards and to ensure longevity.

We focus on what we’re good at – funding buildings and not the running costs of a school.  For example, we do not pay teachers’ salaries, provide teaching resources or curriculum schemes, but we may fund building maintenance to ensure the assets we provide are looked after.