Moshi, Tanzania

New Life Foundation, Moshi

Close to the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, outside the town of Moshi, in the United Republic of Tanzania, local organisation New Life Foundation has established Fountain of Hope primary school, a residential school for underprivileged and orphan children catering to an active roll of over 400 students.

be* has supported New Life Foundation’s work through funding of a number of much needed school buildings, associated utilities and improvements. Additionally be* has been able to fund the acquisition of over 25 acres of land, set aside for a longer term plan of developing a secondary school and a tertiary training institution, a first step in giving more students hope of extending their education beyond primary level.

With assistance from Jasmax Architects and Unitec School of Architecture, research and planning for these establishments is underway, taking into account factors such as sustainability, longevity, affordability and ensuring buildings are fit for purpose in every possible way. Meanwhile the land is being put to use to grow maize crops, which is proving of great value in feeding the children at the school. Currently new land in the area costs 10x the cost paid for these acres so being able to purchase the land was a great investment in the future for New Life Foundation.

Moshi farm

It includes many different types of agriculture and is based on sustainable organic farming practices.  It begins with a boundary of Neem and Moringa trees (which have insecticide and medicinal properties) that will be planted to protect and surround the farm.  Irrigation systems, organic vegetable plots, fishponds and water storage tanks will also be installed. 

The farm will produce out of season organic vegetables for selling at a premium, 10 different varieties of vegetables to feed the children of NLF, biomass grasses that will produce compost, mulch, cattle and goat food and freshwater fish for the local restaurants and markets.

The Moshi Sustainable Farm

The Moshi Sustainable Farm

This is a wonderful opportunity for New Life Foundation Moshi to become self-funding, while simultaneously training the children in organic sustainable agriculture and providing employment to local construction and farm workers.