Project Moroto

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Situated in the north east of Uganda, Moroto District is burdened with some of the worst social indicators within the nation, caused through poverty, civil war, malnutrition, poor health services and arid land.

Project Moroto is a home for orphaned girls on a one acre site in the town of Moroto. In 2011 as piece of land was given to Project Moroto for a childcare facility by the local community. Since then we have built a dormitory for 18 girls, a dining room, a kitchen, bathroom block, a pavilion to give the girls a shaded outside area, a storage room and a room for the live-in Mama.

"Thank you for giving me everything"
The girls of Moroto

The girls of Moroto

In the future we hope to be able to build another building to give safety, education and hope to more girls. There are hundreds of girl orphans in Moroto – we want to change the lives of as many as we can. Not only do we change their lives but an educated girl can change an economy!

Total Cost of Project $120k NZD

Project Status: Current

Moroto Project Breakdown

√ denotes completed phases