Moroto, Uganda

Project Moroto

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Situated in the north east of Uganda, Moroto District is burdened with some of the worst social indicators within the nation, caused through poverty, civil war, malnutrition, poor health services and arid land.

In 2010 New Zealander Jayne Bailey connected with a small network of locals in the area who have been caring for around 250 orphaned children by providing some very inadequate shelter, a meal a day if possible, some schooling and some parental care through local church members.

be* has joined with Jayne to support Project Moroto, and due to the generosity of great Kiwis enough funds have been raised to bring significant change.

By May 2015  Project Moroto has built a home for orphan girls on a 1 acre site in the town of Moroto (15,000 pop.). This site was just a bare piece of land and was offered to Project Moroto for a child care facility in 2011 by the local community. Now it has a building housing a dormitory for 18 girls, a dining room, a storage room and a room for the live-in Mama. There is a separate kitchen building with clay oven, a toilet block with 2 squat flush toilets and 2 showers, and a pavilion built to give the girls a shaded outdoor area.

A large vegetable garden has been planted along with 30 fruit trees and tens of flowers and plants all to give food, warmth and colour to the home and compound. The whole 1 acre is fenced for security and solar power is installed. Project Moroto has 4 local staff – live-in Mama, Night Watchman, Gardener/Day Watchman, and a Manager.

Thank you for giving me everything
The girls of Moroto

The girls of Moroto

Project Moroto’s vision is to provide safe dormitory living for Ugandan orphans. Jayne and her team have begun with 18 gorgeous girls aged 9-14 all from difficult extended family situations. We want to “give these girls a go” – at a caring upbringing, at education, and therefore at hope for their future.

In the future we hope to be able to build another building to give safety, education and hope to more girls. There are hundreds of girl orphans in Moroto – we want to change the lives of as many as we can. Not only do we change their lives but an educated girl can change an economy!

Total Cost of Project $120k NZD

Moroto Project Breakdown

√ denotes completed project
Life is now better than those days of suffering. Our lives have changed much since you came. You know we did not afford neither we had relatives nor guidance. Thank our sponsors for all that they have done